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a new way to stay in touch.

Show and tell your stories to the people who matter most.

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It’s fun, fast, and easy to banter with family and friends

A text message doesn’t tell the whole story, and live video chats can be hard to schedule. Send video messages and banter your way to deeper relationships.

The best way to stay in touch, no matter where you are.

On vacation, at the tee ball game, or doing something that made me think of you. Personal video messages are a meaningful way to share life’s moments with the people that matter most.

Invite your friends to a new kind of group chat, and let the banter begin.

What’s better than the witty text message your college friend just sent after your team lost in the playoffs? Gather your crew to chat about a topic or upcoming event, and start bantering.

Your day-to-day messaging app, upgraded for authentic and effective communication.

Why are we talking to our phone to have it translate our speech to text, just to remove all of the unwritten context? Send a voice message to make plans, or share a video asking which t-shirt should be packed in the overnight bag. Communicate beyond text.