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a new way to stay in touch.

Communicate naturally, without a meeting.

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Less Zoom calls and slack messages, better communication.

Banter helps you build more authentic connection with your team, on your own time.

Start conversations for new projects and keep all the banter in one place.

You’re probably working on a ton of different projects with different teams, and effective communication is critical. Create a group conversation to collaborate on a topic, provide spoken status updates, and share media and documents. Add and remove members based on who is working on the project, and share individual banters with external clients when you reach a specific milestone.

Ask questions and get answers faster than you can schedule a meeting.

“Which of these flowers should we bring to the venue?” “Please pick one of these sample colors.” Ask questions with video messages to provide visual context for faster decision making. Banter back and forth using any communication style, getting to answers while you’re on the go.

Collaborate across locations and time zones with minimal meetings and miscommunications.

Can’t be onsite for the for the final walkthrough? Are the emails getting longer and you’re still not ont he same page? Send a video or audio message to explain a complex topic and to make decisions faster.