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a new way to stay in touch

Messaging is more fun when you banter.

  • Video and voice, transcribed and translated
  • Invite people to 1:1 and group conversations
  • Share photos, documents, links, and text
  • Reply and react for quick responses
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Why should you banter?

Talking is 6x faster than typing.

Share your complete thoughts through video or audio, and Banter will transcribe the message automatically. 

Convey more emotion than the words.

Send quick video and voice messages, to effortlessly conveying your visual surroundings, emotion, tone, and authenticity.

Zoom fatigue is real.

Asynchronous messaging makes it easier to communicate across time zones and locations, without disrupting your schedule.

Effortlessly share your thoughts

  • Start 1:1 and group conversations and invite others to join.
  • Send video and voice messages that are transcribed and translated in seconds.
  • Record with the front or back-facing camera and describe what you see.
  • Share photos, documents, and links to add context to the conversation.

Banter in your style, at your own pace.

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