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don’t type. banter.

Say hello to video messaging that’s more authentic than text.

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Build stronger connections with everyone in your life, on your schedule

Say goodbye to out-of-context emails, scheduling conflicts, and Zoom fatigue.

Whether you’re at the job site or managing the project from afar, Banter saves you time and makes it easy to collaborate with video, audio, text, photos, and documents.

Banter with loved ones and share moments that matter.

Build stronger relationships that go far beyond text and without the missed calls. Share memories, birthday wishes, and day-to-day chatter with full emotion and visuals, on your time frame.

The best of video, audio, and text, in one witty app.

Record video messages that are transcribed in seconds, for others to watch and read.

Chat in your preferred style through video, voice, text, photos, or reactions.

Communicate across regons and time zones and translate messages into multiple languages.

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